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Friday, March 19, 2010

Global 'Warning'

The God's own country is sweating in the heat wave, which has swept accross the land frying it and causing 'sun strokes'!! now that is new,have we ever heard about sun stroke in kerala before?? But I am not surprised at all,I used to lament on this 5-6 years before when the 'bussinesss minded' people thought that every piece of land is a pot of gold and it just needed to be made naked,devoid of all vegetation,drilled and 'piled' for super structures.
The land is burning ,and we will still be proud of our luxurious flat on the 20th floor with a swimming pool,a beauty parlour ,a pool club and a nignt club with a shopping mall to spend. But we will forget that our children will need a play ground,with trees ,birds and flowers and we will continue to forget that while we sit sipping a cool fruit punch in our living room with the AC on,65% of 'our people' who have just a cover of tarpouline or makeshift roofs over their heads, are dieing daily of the heat which will increase 5-6 degrees every year.
A land of 44 rivers ,need bottled water manufactured by an MNC to quench the thirst of its people.But what about the people who depend on wells as theit primary source of water??
we need not bother about that,we need to bother about the next property developer coming to our town and set his eye on the next piece of land,so that we can add on to our collection of 'blocks'.
The mother nature has been benevolent and patient with us so long.. but not any more..we will suffer for what we have done,for we have sold our 'mother' to the perpetrators who have manipulated and put the 'love' under jeopardy.
But then ,do we care?? because we still can afford to live..and for those people??ah! who told them not to buy AC flats,who told them not to buy bottled water??who told them to be born poor,to live poor and die poor???..among 'us'..

its so sad..that I am vindicated..


  1. We derived from a wonderful culture where they cut trees only after requesting the trees.. And they did that only if they really need to do it ..
    But Now , we cut trees when those branches hide our Shop Names or Advt boards !

    The more we try to go away from mother nature , the more fierce will be her reminder !

  2. that culture is still there among the people we call 'aadivaasis'.they know the importance of nature,but we are sparing them too..sad.
    we have adopted the same culture of asking before killing, on animals,there is a ritual of asking the goat before its throat's slit..wierd..