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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Journey .......

‘what do u call a journey in which the explorer is unaware of its beginning and remains the same throughout, even though he fully realizes what the culmination can be, whichever path he walks, it leads to just the sole destination, a dead end.

This is life, the journey of life.

And thus began my journey, on a Thursday, cold December midnight, in an hospital, in one of the remotest, Northeastern part of India, where a joy of being born begins and ends with the distribution of sweets to people who recede to oblivion the very next moment and to whom, it doesn’t really matter.

But I believe my ‘folks’ would have been really happy,’ cause they gave me a name which ‘suggests’.Afterall, I was the first fortunate one to be born alive after two casualities, before. They say, I did not cry, which was quite unusual ‘then’. Maybe,I forgot to cry, my memory is still the same uh!!. Or maybe, I realized quite early that there is enough time for that,for what I was going to face ahead would need a lot of that.

Memory doesn’t allow me to get into the initial part of my journey, but they say I was a feeble, fragile character who refused to eat to everybody’s satisfaction. My appetite was always put to test and compared to my peers nearby, who gobbled anything and everything that was on offing.Although, it changed quite drastically during my travel later. As they say, people and their behavior are always unpredictable, they change in a jiffy.But,I was liked by everyone,maybe ‘cause of the colour of my cheeks,one of the advantages to be born in a cold part of the country,and more so,’cause I didn’t show any ‘airs’ and jumped shoulders to shoulders when they came,calling. It was fun, savouring the fact of being the centre of attraction of a very big family and being the eldest…….

Friday, October 30, 2009


The smooth silky sand, tickled her tiny feet

She wandered far, to play in the sun

And burn her nimble feet

For she was adamant to show her castle

Set on the sandy seat.

Her limbs were red and palms sweat

but she tread on without a moments rest.

The sky turned orange and then a shady grey

She could hear the distant rumble

and heard the croaks were gay.

Birds flew to their far abode,

To find their young ones

frightened and loud.

She walked back, dragging her feet

With soiled clothes and muddy face,

Sandy braids with innocent grace.

Looking back, she saw her castle

looming large with a shiny glow

and then some drops fell on her brow.

Back at home she prayed

What would she do if it rained?

She hit her bed and slipped to sleep

saw her dreams and started to weep

for her castle was in a muddy heap.

When the dawn broke, she was still asleep

Down on her pillow, buried so deep.

She shivered in the morning chill

and the sun peeped through the window sill.

She ran through the trees,

By the pond, near the temple

to her castle, in the breeze.

She searched in vain

For nothing was left, in the heavy rain.

There remained some lines on the sand

Bent on her knees,

She touched them with her hand.

Tears tickled down her cheeks,

Felt the pain in her soul

Then a hand touched her cheeks

And soothed her jowl.

She was told, her castle was liked

By the god of rain and wind alike

It is gone with them

To be the home of many alike

Small, old, children of the land

Who are not cared and are lonely band

She smiled, now she know

for she had built, a home so special