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Friday, March 26, 2010


' Look Back and Get Experience'

'Look Forward and See Hope'

' Look Around and Find Reality'

' Look Within and Find Yourself '.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Global 'Warning'

The God's own country is sweating in the heat wave, which has swept accross the land frying it and causing 'sun strokes'!! now that is new,have we ever heard about sun stroke in kerala before?? But I am not surprised at all,I used to lament on this 5-6 years before when the 'bussinesss minded' people thought that every piece of land is a pot of gold and it just needed to be made naked,devoid of all vegetation,drilled and 'piled' for super structures.
The land is burning ,and we will still be proud of our luxurious flat on the 20th floor with a swimming pool,a beauty parlour ,a pool club and a nignt club with a shopping mall to spend. But we will forget that our children will need a play ground,with trees ,birds and flowers and we will continue to forget that while we sit sipping a cool fruit punch in our living room with the AC on,65% of 'our people' who have just a cover of tarpouline or makeshift roofs over their heads, are dieing daily of the heat which will increase 5-6 degrees every year.
A land of 44 rivers ,need bottled water manufactured by an MNC to quench the thirst of its people.But what about the people who depend on wells as theit primary source of water??
we need not bother about that,we need to bother about the next property developer coming to our town and set his eye on the next piece of land,so that we can add on to our collection of 'blocks'.
The mother nature has been benevolent and patient with us so long.. but not any more..we will suffer for what we have done,for we have sold our 'mother' to the perpetrators who have manipulated and put the 'love' under jeopardy.
But then ,do we care?? because we still can afford to live..and for those people??ah! who told them not to buy AC flats,who told them not to buy bottled water??who told them to be born poor,to live poor and die poor???..among 'us'..

its so sad..that I am vindicated..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

'swami cult'

There has been a ruckus in the people of south india specially with the 'new controversy',rife in the media on the sexcapades of a 'swami.'Always media wants sensational news and it sells too,specially when it is on sex and that too when linked with a 'celebrity'??? is this person a celebrity and what has he done wrong?? having consensus sex is not wrong,moreover the video doesnt show any real sexual discourse apart from some intimate scenes.I believe its just an intrusion into the privacy of a person,whoever he might be.I dont know whether he has proclaimed in open that he is a 'brahmachari'or that he is practicing celebacy for attaining the whatever called 'nirvana'.
The fault is in us, the people who believe in demi Gods and practice rituals that are superstitious and give credibility to these people who commercialise spirituality.
just consider our temples and Gods who sit there,they are just a media to earn money for sangathans and devaswoms.People flock around these temples for a darshana waiting in queues for long hours, at the same time any person with lot of money and contacts can feel the holy darshana in a jiffy.if he donates more money he gets special prasadam directly from the hands of the main 'poojari'..rubbish. We are in the thick of hipporcary and unbelievable beliefs.
This 'hot news' is the result of that hippocracy which lie in the system of each one of us.The person involved is a human after all and very basic one at that,which he proves with his actions that he is not a 'sanyasi' yet.He might be giving lectures on spirituality and seeking of ultimate truth,which anyone can give if he is a good orator and knows how to get into the psyche of a common 'superstitious man.
we must not see God in these people who present themselves to be one,the mere quality of a 'god' like person is that he never says that he should be worshipped and followed and the one who can think good for everyone,love everyone,and serve everyone,leading a simple life,being humble to the core . And hence,every human being is a God,its so simple,u need not give 'prabhashanams to be one,Mother teresa never gave one,why dont we read about her,why dont we think about her,why dont we at least think of doing even a little bit of what she has done? she never wanted any body to follow her or never had a 'fan'association.
people like martin luther king,Gandhi,Baba Amte,swami vivekananda,sri ramakrishn paramahamsa,jesus christ,Abdul kalaam and many and many more never said they were God.
When will we learn to worship them,to worship the real values and to worship ourselves....???

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

'some man'

Its been a while, since I have posted anything on 'my space',more so because of lack of inpirational stuff coming up from the media to comment on, rather than my laziness to put undue presssure on my imagination.well!I think i'm not being honest here,'cause there has been a lot of activity in the last few months which should have really opened my creative eye and the 'hot news'which hit the indian media was that of a 'dimunitive giant'striding along the heights of glory and success in the field of cricket.This man is now on the verge of becoming 'god',if his achievements have not made him still.Someone said ,and I quote...'I saw god today,on the cricket field in Gwalior,he is 5'5" tall and weilds a willow and is a maharastrian'..many words have been said about this man,who relentlessly,tirelessly surge forward,nothing seems to be an obstacle in his path and when everyone thought, ultimately he has come of his age and by now he must guide the next generation and retire, he has produced a beauty out of nowhere,that is the greatness of this man. I just went about researching a little bit on people of his fraternity who had achieved greatness in their fields,around the world.When this 'boy'stepped foot on the international cricket field against terrefying pakis..schumaker was yet to drive a formula 1,lance armstrong was nowhere cyclying and doing tour de fanc,Lionel messi was in his nappies,Tiger woods was not known,Roger federer was learning to hold a tennis racket.Kapil,srikkanth were still playing the same game..people have come and gone,but this man is still holding on to it and holding it more firm now.back to back tonnes. I remember the 'very nemesis of this man', steve bucknor'showing his two palms and grimacing when this little champ hit fleming for a six, straight over his head on the sharjah cricket ground ,where even a sand storm couldnt stop him from tearing apart the Australians.
The same gesture is all ,what I can share and opine.he will go on...and on.. but one thing is assured,next day he comes on to the field he is again the same man with the enthusiasm of a teenager and with spark in his eyes and hunger in his belly ,for more..and more and we can sit back and watch 'the master at work, on another sunny day..