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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Emotional utility

Its beeen a while since i have pained my instincts to write..I have lost my inspiration to 'Time'.
I was thinking about the human mind and emotions as a utility to be played with,used and thrown away at wish,it reminds me of a 'thing' which was lost in the mad rush and forgotten among the luxury called life.
Its nothing but the old fashioned mud stove, often a part of the lifeline of every household in India and specially in kerala,made up of bricks and mud,fuel being firewood and the housewife would light it by blowing at the flickering sticks to ignite.Life would revolve around it starting with the morning kattan chaya and it would continue throughout the day,it being witness to everything from the pranks of children to the fights of elders,gossips of the fairer sex to the love of the teenagers,the housekeeper lighting his beedi with the stick taken right from the flames.
Being a warm place ,it was the breeding, rearing spot for the very own housecat,no other place in a house, kittens feel more secure and comfortable apart from the dark,smelly attic.
Hence,it was not just a mere place to cook,the time spent around it was in reality a rendezvous with the true ,innocent nuances of life itself.
All that has become a part of history and maybe the future generations would call it the primitive culture existed in a bygone era when man was begining to find technology and modern science to cook.
We now have some excellent,innovative and designer stoves to make cooking the easiest and laziest task, at the press of few buttons,but still we eat outside,we don't find enough timeto spend in the luxurious cooking places which were called kitchens.
But where is that charm gone,the romance which was associated with the 'old' fashioned stove,people no more gather around the cooking spot now,cats are giving births on beds and sofas even the aroma of freshly coocked food is extinct,where is 'chutta kappa' and shelled cashews??
Time consume all ,the emotions,the romance and human emotions have no value in this modern era where everything is used and thrown,everything goes in to a past tense soon and forgotten just like 'The old fashioned stove'.