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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Just been thinking about the meaning of 'freedom' and I am happy I met a wonderful person with whom i could interact and extract something about the'sense of freedom'.
Freedom is in a way related to the sense of fear, the moment we lose fear of attempting something new or doing anything extraordinary,we attain freedom. As the sense of fear resides in the subconsious mind,it is the subconsious mind which defines the boundaries of freedom
and the pragmatic approach would be to prepare the subconcious mind to take the consious mind onto the level where,anything is possible..
Also,freedom is doing things that the mind tells oneself,confining to the boundary set by the subconsious mind of righteousness and justice.We attempt anything that our inner self proclaims would be the path to freedom,as the subconsious mind is always right and just and we are free to do anything,if we are not stealing,killing or conspiring.No questions asked and no answers given.

But are we really free?? and independent??


  1. Map is not the trittory...

  2. now..i am not able grasp such tough will be easy for everyone if u could explain whta u just said.